Your research paper must be 20 full pages in length (or more if you wish). The paper must be formatted using 1 inch margins and size 12 Times New Roman double spaced font. Please submit the paper as a Word document. The first 12 full pages must consist of the following sections: -Abstract -Research Question/Thesis Statement -Methodology -Research (main portion of the paper) The last 3 full pages of your 15-page paper must consist of an analysis section. This is where you must provide your own analysis, beliefs, concerns, projections, etc. about your topic. This is the section where you can also get into the media effects/media ethics associated with your topic if you want to do so. Following the 15 pages listed above, you must provide an Annotated Bibliography page(s). The Abstract is a one-paragraph synopsis/summary of your paper topic. The Research Question/Thesis Statement is one-sentence in length. The Methodology must be 1 page in length. As for the Bibliography, you must have a total of at least 20 sources.  At least 10 of those sources must be primary sources
The topic is on how new media and social media can possibly be intrusive on users thought and how confirmation bias is controlling how users form decisions on major issues and topics. How social media platforms, such as Facebook, have created algorithms that push news to users that they want to hear in order to keep them coming back. Also, include some content on how the very user interface and user experience design is affecting how we think and think what is important.

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