Part 1 – Discussion
In this discussion, using your learning from MBA 515 and MBA 550, outline your views on the importance of new ideas and concepts by explaining how you will incorporate entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship into your business implementation plan. Then explain and justify how your own concept or idea fits within the context of entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship to create change. (My plan is launch an all-green new product for Kellog.Inc) 400 wrods long
Part 2 Discussion  1.1
Read this article about Singapore being the most “globalized” country in the world. Discuss what this actually means and what challenges the United States or any other developed country would face if it attempted to replace Singapore in the top spot.
400 words long
Part 3 – Discussion 1
Using professional, personal, or academic experience, describe the operations management (OM) framework or environment in which you work or are most familiar with. Briefly discuss those key factors that drove change in the OM environment in which you work. Note the general nature of these factors, such as technology, economic, political, or other.

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