A patient may enter a hospital in a planned or unplanned manner. A planned entry into the hospital occurs when a physician with admitting privileges refers the patient to that hospital through the admissions office. Remember as a non-clinical healthcare manager you could head up the admissions department. Unplanned patient admissions through the emergency department occur every day e.g. from heart attacks or motor vehicle accidents. The emergency department of a hospital, and how it well it operates, will influence the success of the hospital. For example, if physicians and patients trust the services provided in Hospital A’s ER, it becomes a HUGE source of admissions for hospital A. When beds are full, hospitals are financially healthy. But, if Hospital A’s ER is inefficient – long wait times or patients are misdiagnosed then physicians and patients will go to Hospital B. Hospital B’s admission rates improve and it achieves financial and patient outcome successes.
OK — now on to the essay questions:
A. Patients entering through the ER are “triaged” what does this mean?
B. Distinguish between a trauma center and an emergency department.

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