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For all questions, feel free to state your opinion, but include scientific reasoning as much as possible.

  1. In the opening titles, there are letters that are highlighted, which ones, and what is their significance?


  1. What deception is Vincent (main character) trying to hard to maintain?


  1. What does the term “Valid” mean in Vincent’s society?


  1. Describe four ways that Vincent maintains his genetic identity.


  1. In GATTACA How are humans “expected” to reproduce? & What motivates people to use genetic screening?


  1. When Vincent was born, what did the nurse immediately do, and why?


  1. What does Vincent mean when he says, “my real resume was in my cells?”


  1. What in Vincent’s career dream? & What physical ailment (99% probability) prevents Vincent from ever “legally” attaining his dream?


  1. Why does Vincent need Jerome?


  1. What does Vincent have to do to his legs?


  1. Why does Vincent have to scrub his body so carefully? Why would he have cleaned off his computer keyboard after using it, and why place Jerome’s hairs and skin cells in/on his desk?


  1. Why did the police officer insist upon blood being tested from a vein?


  1. Why did Vincent get so panicked when he saw his hair on the pillow in Irene’s bed?


  1. What DNA source incriminates Vincent?


  1. Who does the crime investigator turn out to be?


  1. How is Vincent finally exposed at the GATTACA spaceport? &Why does the doctor let him through anyway?


  1. Why would they call someone like Vincent a “borrowed ladder” (hint: DNA structure)


  1. After watching this film, how do you think genetic screening today might affect a person’s ability to get a job, or get health insurance?


  1. Do a Google search to find some tests that already exist that make it almost impossible for a person to hide their true identity or health conditions? Give examples.


  1. What about using DNA to decide about hiring, or being admitted to school ,or dating?- Would you be willing to shave and scrub for hours every morning just to have the life job or girlfriend you wanted?


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