Write an essay of 750-775 words. The words are counted from the first word in the introduction to the last word in the conclusion. Quotations and citations do not count.
Double space the entire document and each document you submit in this class. Center the title.Do not use “you” in this essay or in any essay you submit in this class. “You” is informal and spoken language. It is not Standard Language.  Copy and paste the topic that you have chosen. Place it under the date. The given topic should never be used as a title for the essay. Provide your own title for each essay.
Do not use any research in this essay and do not include a works cited page. You may read around for inspiration, but only use ideas, never exact words.


What are the challenges that adults returning to college face in their their first year and how can they be overcome?
Many adults returning to college face challenges they had not encountered before. They may have lost what they learned in high school and now have to start all over. They may have lost their study skills and their patience for cold boring material. Many find it hard to remember complicated theories and endless rules. Many struggle with technology. Many struggle with managing work, family, and education. But with patience, determination, and time they manage to find a solution to those problems and to proceed and successfully complete their education.
Write an essay that discusses the challenges that adults usually face when they start going to college later in life and before they get used to college work.  Discuss one challenge in each paragraph. At the end of the paragraph state a possible solution in one or two sentences, without explaining it. The focus of the discussion has to be on the challenge, not on the solution.

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